Thank you SO much for your guidance and expertise. Due to all our pre labor conversations, I had full...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our whole family appreciates all your help. You are truly an angel sent from above. Your attention, compassion and knowledge were exactly what was needed to deliver our baby all natural.

Kim, Mom

 She had good knowledge of the process, which worked well with the RN’s needs. She was so supportive, I forgot that she wasn’t a family member.

Maureen, RN

 The noninvasive natural birth of my daughter was everything I had planned thanks to you Katie! Your knowledgeable and nurturing guidance with all aspects from the birth plan, assisting my husband with his role, to nursing the baby was exceptional. You went above and beyond our expectations considering we had doula 7 years prior for the birth of our son.

Many thanks, Sheila and Paul

We couldn’t have done it without you.  I didn’t feel useless at all. You are the best.

Jose, Father

 You were wonderful! Patient, caring and encouraging.

Kirsten, Midwife

Katie was a constant positive supportive presence during labor and delivery and helped us reach our goal of a healthy birth and positive experience

Kimberly, Mom

 Thank you SO much for your guidance and expertise. Due to all our pre labor conversations, I had full confidence during labor that if I wanted to delivery our baby via vaginal delivery that you would help me to do so… that helped me to push myself to try and go long as I could without medication. B. and I are definite that if you hadn’t been there having me do the different positions, I would not have delivered vaginally. There were also many subtle cues and things you did that also really helped me and B…. For example, you simply rocking back and forth to help me do the same and open up my pelvic area and manage pain…. and helping us manage things with the medical staff… to helping to reduce the fever caused by epidural so that they wouldn’t give me antibiotics…There were so many that I can’t name them all. What you did helped my husband and I through our first birth. Our birth experience was so much more positive than I had ever imagined. Family and friends have been asking about how having a birth doula helped us and I have been telling them that if it wasn’t for you, we would have had a c-section which we really didn’t want, etc., among other things… having a truly positive experience… and the photos you took were icing on the cake… they are precious as I look at them now.

Jen, Mom

Thank you very much for your help before, during and after the arrival of our new little son! We really appreciate your hands-on help and advice, your prayers, and your manner or doing business, which is very professional. It has been a great help and pleasure to have your services!

D & S, Parents

Thanks so much for your patience as well as for your guidance during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and postpartum. My only regret is not finding you sooner! I don’t know if I’ll go through pregnancy again, but if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.


You made our birth experience so special! You were such a blessing and my labor was exactly how I wanted it to be. You truly have a gifting and the love of God shines all over you! Thank you.

K & C, Parents

For the birth of my third child, I decided to do it naturally, without medication. I did plenty of research and as my due date approached, I felt confident and excited about the birth. Part of the reason that I was feeling so positive was because I was working with Katie Bachand as my doula. Any time I had a question, Katie was right there with many different answers. I called on her many times in the weeks before and she was always so excited and ready to help. I could tell that she was very interested in doing whatever she could to ensure that I had adequate information to make this birth the best that it could be.

When the day arrived, Katie was indispensable. I was not able to concentrate on all the details during labor and Katie was right there supporting me and taking notes on everything that was happening. She was also very supportive of my husband, encouraging him to try different relief measures and giving him confidence that he was helping me immensely.  She was also able to take wonderful ictures of things he and I were too busy to worry about.

Katie was also so helpful in explaining things that the nurses were saying that I was too distracted to understand. She was very intuitive in knowing when I needed clarification and made sure I was very clear on what was going on around me. Katie understands that being informed and included in decisions is one of the best ways to have the best birth experience possible.

As well as being a tremendous support and source of information, another priceless gift she gave us was a full birth story with all the details, even some I had forgotten. I have l looked at it many times since the birth and am so pleased that it helps me remember what an incredible, awesome day that was.

D & V, Parents